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Welcome to Seven Pictures - Photography by Mark Wessels.

Welcome to WesselsPhoto.com, the web site of Photographer / Photojournalist Mark Wessels.

Make yourself comfortable and take a journey with me. You are invited to take a quick peek at the world as seen through the lens of my camera. If you like what you see and would like to get hold of me, please don’t be shy, go ahead and make contact.

I would also like to just let you know that all these pictures belong to me and have been made available for your viewing pleasure only. It would not be cool of you to take my work and make it your own and besides, what stops you from getting out there and experiencing your life and the world around you in your own way with a camera?

Anyway, some things are best said in words and other things are best said in pictures. ENJOY!!!

-- Mark Wessels --

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