Photography by Mark Wessels



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A distinctive attribute or aspect of something (usually features) a part of something like the face, such as the mouth or eyes, making a significant contribution to its overall appearance.  A newspaper or magazine article devoted to the treatment of a particular topic, typically at length.

This first feature section is dedicated to children. Children, so innocent yet so insightful. Children who have experienced life in so many different ways. Children who happily play in the water. Children that model their lives in clay. Children that stare at the fence & ponder life & the face on the other side. Children that reach back & touch a disease that took their parents from them. Children that fancy dress in street parades with innocent faces. Children that watch their homes burn down. Children that brush teeth in the early morning before school at a communal tap. Children that play outside their preschool. Children that daydream & make believe. Children that witness death with their eyes & live to tell the truth of what they saw. Children. Theirs, yours & mine! Children just taking life as it comes to them.

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