Photography by Mark Wessels



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Lifestyle 10 - HIV Positive Living.

Facing her life as positively as possible an HIV positive woman living in a squatter camp on a platinum mine in Rustenburg in the North West Province of South Africa looks up at her care-giver from ‘Vision For The Nation’, a project that runs home based care for those with HIV/AIDS. The project focuses on HIV/AIDS treatment through their ‘Home Based Care’ initiative for people primarily from informal settlements on the mines & also has a ‘Prevention & Training’ operation that works with the local health clinics in the area. Often care is given without Anti-Retrovirals due to a lack of sufficient supplies. ‘Show my face!’ she says to me as I take her picture, Show the face of AIDS. A former caregiver herself with ‘Vision For The Nation’ it is possible that she contracted the disease whilst caring for others already infected.

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